The TruFUSE techique, which uses precision machined allograft dowels and matching surgical instrumentation, is an entirely unique approach to posterior spinal fusion. Performed in a minimally invasive fashion, the morse tapered dowel design is impacted into the facet joint providing immediate spinal stabilization by employing a classic wedge fixation, optimizing the potential for fusion.

TruFUSE is typically used earlier in the continuum of care as an intermediate, conservative measure to address or prevent minor instability, mechanical back pain or degenerative joint disease. TruFUSE can be use d as a stand-alone procedure for facet based pain or as a supplement to major fusion surgeries. One of the TruFUSE’s primary attractions is that is is minimally destructive and does not preclude the patient from future surgical options if warranted.

The chart below shows the many way TruFUSE can be used:

TrueFUSE chart

An Overview of the TruFUSE Technique:

The TruFUSE technique involves using fluoroscopy to localize the affected facet joint while using a Steinmann pin. A cannulated Spatula is placed over the Steinmann pin which helps align the Drill Guide in between the facet joint. A specialized Reamer is then used to create a morse taper shaped void at the midpoint of the facet. Finally, the TruFUSE dowel is impacted into the facet joint, thereby ensuring a tight press fit.

The TruFUSE dowels perform several functions:

  • Re-establishes natural joint orientation
  • Separates the joint surfaces to reduce inflammation
  • Stretches the anterior joint capsule and creates a press fit to enhance stability
  • Optimizes the environment for fusion

TrueFUSE overview

For more information on the TruFUSE product, please contact minSURG at 727-240-4963.