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ZLift™ is a novel surgical procedure created by minSURG Corporation for the treatment of spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis and disc herniations by unloading the disc through facet translation. The surgical procedure to implant the device involves translation of the superior and inferior facets through the use of customized surgical instruments. The bone dowel locks the translation in place resulting in a posterior height increase of 3-4 mm after surgery.


Provide a biomechanically stable alternative to pedicle screws for lumbar segmental stabilization in the treatment of spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis and disc herniations

Basic Principles

  • Longitudinal translation of superior/inferior facets through use of customized instruments
  • Small holes drilled into facets
  • Impacted bone dowel locks translation into place
  • 3-4 mm increase in posterior height
  • Unload disc, increase foraminal size

Patient Focused Marketing

  • Patient’s desire for newer alternatives
  • No one asks for pedicle screws
  • Everyone knows someone whose spine surgery did not work
  • Patient value, satisfaction, and cost containment in era of Obamacare
  • Bundled payments

Biomechanical Evaluation of a Novel Lumbar Facet Fusion System Suitable for MIS

Gerber, J; Goel, VK; *Lins, RE

Engineering Center for Orthopaedic Research Excellence (ECORE) Departments of Bioengineering and Orthopaedics at The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, USA

*The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches, Wellington, FL

Average Range of Motion For Intact and Instrumented Specimens Average Range of Motion 

Average Pullout Force for Implants Across Left and Right Facets

Load Chart
*Measured in Newtons*

Z Lift Resultsresults

Intradiscal Pressure DECREASES 23.2% when implant countersunk 5mm


Compression Load to Failure Testing

  • ZLift can maintain translation for up to 1,901 lbs. of loading
  • No damage to dowels but failure of underlying facet due to super physiologic loading
  • Able to withstand compression during the activities of daily living

Clinical Indications

  • Grade I spondylolisthesis stabilization after decompression
  • Supplement interspinous fixation
  • Adjunct to spinal stenosis decompression to prevent recurrent foraminal stenosis
  • Adjunct to discectomy in young patient with significant back pain component – avoid pedicle screws
  • MIS indications

Clinical Example

Clinical Example 1Clinical Example 2

ZLift Implantation

ZLift Implantation

Follow link below to watch Dr. Joseph Maroon perform the ZLIFT™ implantation.



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